The Campaign produces several different kinds of publications both online and in print. The main types are published as follows:

  • Press releases – The Campaign issues press releases on breaking news, important developments, and urgent cases requiring immediate action, usually several times per month. These releases may feature interviews with leading human rights officials and activists, as well as family members of prisoners of conscience in Iran. They often incorporate specific calls for action on the part of the international community.
  • Comprehensive reports – Approximately three times per year the Campaign issues in-depth reports based on extensive research and documentation on topics central to the state of human rights in Iran. These reports, all posted on our website, incorporate significant first-hand testimony, much of it from the Campaign’s extensive contacts inside Iran.
  • Briefing papers – Five or six times per year, the Campaign publishes short briefing papers, fact sheets and brief backgrounders aimed at raising awareness of human rights issues among government policy makers, officials at international organizations, international journalists, and other relevant actors. They typically incorporate an advocacy component, with policy recommendations that will advance human rights in Iran.
  • News articles – The Campaign updates its news stories almost daily, featuring breaking news, updates, and important developments on human rights conditions in Iran. As with our press releases, these news articles often feature interviews with family members of prisoners of conscience in Iran, as well as leading human rights officials and activists.
  • Interactive multimedia projects – Several times per year, the Campaign launches online interactive multimedia features exploring various dimensions of human rights issues and developments in Iran, and which allow the user to participate in online advocacy campaigns or utilize our online research tools.
  • Cartoons – The Campaign publishes weekly editorial cartoons by a renowned Iranian artist on timely human rights issues on our website. In addition, the Campaign published a book of editorial and drawings on human rights themes by internationally acclaimed Iranian artists in early 2013. The book includes accompanying commentary by leading Iranian intellectuals, writers, filmmakers, lawyers, and activists.
  • Podcasts – The Campaign produces regular audio podcasts, available online and through iTunes , featuring radio-style interviews and exposés with leading human rights officials and activists and Iranian human rights defenders. In a fusion of art and human rights, our podcasts also feature Iranian artists, filmmakers, musicians, satirists, writers, and scholars.
  • Videos – Several times per year, the Campaign produces topical videos about critical human rights issues and pressing cases for advocacy and media purposes, which are available on our website and on YouTube for a wide range of audiences. The videos are designed to inform and advocate, highlighting human rights violations and actions needed to address these violations. Videos are often also produced in concert with the release of major Campaign publications, highlighting the major findings of our latest research.
  • Letter-writing campaigns – The Campaign launches letter-writing campaigns fostering grass-roots calls for action to Iranian government and international officials several times per year.