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  1. Cartoon 137: “Remember the Spent Candle! Remember!”
  2. Iran Elections: The Ten Commandments
  3. Iranian Couples Increasingly Living Together Outside of Marriage
  4. Arrest of Iranian-British Dual National in Tehran May Be Hardliners’ Ploy to Foil Iran-UK Relations
  5. Former BBC Reporter, Iranian-British Citizen, Arrested in Iran, Prior to Zarif’s Visit to London
  6. Iranian Officials Condemn Radical Mob’s Attack On Top Actress
  7. Two Dozen Iranian Baha’is Sentenced to Six to Eleven Years for Practicing Their Faith
  8. Dispute between Judicial Officials on the Release of Kurdish Human Rights Activist Keeps Him in Prison
  9. Two Reformist Journalists Charged, after Three Months in Detention
  10. Call for Prime Minister Trudeau to Secure Release of Imprisoned Iranian-Canadian
  11. Student of Imprisoned Iranian Spiritual Leader Facing Trial for Supporting Him
  12. Rouhani’s Post-Deal Test Starts in Paris
  13. Family of Imprisoned Iranian Producer: Canada Must Do More
  14. Cartoon 136: Iran: Elections Without People’s Representatives
  15. Iranian Artists Call for Immediate Release of Music Distributors
  16. Internet Freedom in Iran Will Benefit From Sanctions Relief
  17. US-Iran Prisoner Swap Raises Hopes for Iranian-Canadian Prisoners of Conscience in Iran
  18. Why are Iranian-American Prisoners Released, but Not Iranian Ones?” Father of Imprisoned Blogger Asks
  19. Nobel Peace Laureate Asks Iranian Government to “Make Peace with Its Own People”
  20. Faraghdani’s Handshake with Her Lawyer is Not a Crime, Judge Rules
  21. Cartoon 135: Prisoner Swap
  22. Hardliners in Iran Moving to Shut Pro-Rouhani Forces Out of Upcoming Parliamentary Elections
  23. Ageing Imprisoned Human Rights Lawyer Should Be Released on Medical Grounds, Wife Says
  24. Ailing Imprisoned Journalist Could Face New Charges for Speaking Out against Prison Conditions
  25. Release of Iranian Americans Welcomed, Time to Release All Political Prisoners
  26. Call on Iranian authorities to drop charges on two musicians and a filmmaker
  27. Telegram CEO Rejects Iranian Government’s Claims of Censorship-on-Demand
  28. Teachers Union Chief to Go on Trial for Peaceful Labor Activities
  29. Reformist Journalist Begins Serving Prison Sentence for Her Writings on Facebook
  30. Sunni Detainees Still Held a Year After Arrest, Reports of Torture and Forced Confessions
  31. Cartoon 134: Iranian Diplomacy
  32. Detained Poet Describes Being Transported in a Cage and Watched “Like a Murderer”
  33. Journalist Resumes Hunger Strike to Protest His Continued Detention
  34. Netflix Opening to Iran Ends State Broadcasting’s Decades of Monopoly
  35. Hila Sedighi Released on Bail
  36. Young Poet Hila Sedighi Arrested at Airport in Tehran, Latest in String of Arrests
  37. Popular Telegram Messaging Application Survives Censorship Vote in Iran
  38. Soccer Star Arrested for Online Photos With Women despite Evidence His Account was Hacked
  39. Judiciary Claims No Knowledge of Student Not Heard from Since His Arrest Almost 17 Years Ago
  40. Persecution of Christian Converts Continues under Rouhani