“Kambiz Hosseini is a familiar face to his many fans of his television programs both inside and outside Iran.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has launched a new, weekly podcast on human rights in Iran by Iranian artist and satirist Kambiz Hosseini. “Five in the Afternoon,” a half-hour of news and developments on human rights in Iran began airing on Friday, January 25. The podcast will be available every Friday on the Campaign website and on the Campaign’s Facebook page, as well as Mr. Hosseini’s Facebook page.

You can listen to a trailer of “Five in the Afternoon” (in Farsi) here:

“One of our ongoing concerns has been to present issues related to human rights violations and topics of individual and social liberties in Iran to different layers of society and a wider group of people, using different types of expression and in language less burdened by the complexities or requirements of news reporting,” said Hadi Ghaemi, Executive Director of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

“Over the past year, we have been featuring weekly cartoons on our website to highlight day-to-day violations of human rights. The cartoons have been very well received by our audiences and, more importantly, we found a whole new audience on our side. Some people may not find the time to read 500-700 words in a news blog. But a cartoon can both deliver the message and make a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind, and provoke him to follow up on an issue stuck in his mind through that cartoon. I hope that the Campaign’s weekly podcasts, which will be presented by the talented and experienced artist Kambiz Hosseini, through use of a different language and its topics of choice, can address deep human concerns and find new audiences from different age groups and in different geographic locations. Perhaps it might even open a way where they, too, can share their sensitivities with us and have a two-way relationship that helps us to further our activities in a creative way,” Ghaemi said about the weekly program.

“One of the Campaign’s objectives is to find different approaches to creating content by mixing human rights issues with the arts, such as literature, cartoons, theater, and other both tried and new cultural paths. This year we will pursue this approach through publication of a book of 40 cartoons and 40 essays from 40 different individuals in different realms of the Iranian society, in addition to the weekly cartoons and our Farsi and English weekly podcasts,” Ghaemi added.

Listen to the first episode (in Farsi) here:

“Kambiz Hosseini is a familiar face to his many fans of his television programs both inside and outside Iran. For more than three years, he was one of the producers and presenters of the successful weekly program ‘Parazit’ on Voice of America’s Persian Service, which was the network’s most popular program. Over the past few months, Mr. Hosseini has been stage acting in several New York City plays. ‘Five in the Afternoon,’ our new podcast series, is one of the first media projects Mr. Hosseini has decided to tackle since leaving his successful run with ‘Parazit’,” he said.

The audio files for “Five in the Afternoon” will be available for download on SoundCloud. Those who are interested in the podcasts can download the files and share them.

Photo description: With his weekly podcast series “Five in the Afternoon,” Kambiz Hosseini will be entering his fans’ homes every Friday. His half-hour presentation will revolve around issues related to human rights. Those familiar with Kambiz Hosseini’s work will be delighted to know that he will also touch upon Iranian news in his program every week.