In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Saeideh Khanzadi, wife of imprisoned journalist and member of Iran Freedom Movement Ali Akrami, said she has not known the location of her husband’s detention since his 6 October arrest.

“He has only made one phone call home since he was arrested. It was a very short call, long enough for basic greetings and he was mostly asking about our child. He didn’t say where he was. I asked him whether I should go to a specific organization to follow up with his case. He expressed hope that soon everything will be resolved and he will return home,” she told the Campaign.

“I have a 2.5-year-old child and I have not yet been able to pursue my husband’s case anywhere. If I can, I plan to do so tomorrow. We still don’t know where they took him,” said Khanzadi.

Khanzadi told the Campaign that she was at work the day her husband was arrested. “Apparently, five officials came to our home and took him after searching the premises.  They took a laptop, a computer hard disk, a TV satellite receiver, and several CDs. They also took some of my personal items,” she said.

Ali Akrami was previously arrested in 2002, along with several other members of Iran Freedom Movement, and spent about a month in prison. Two other journalists, Mehdi Afsharnik and Mohammad Heydera, were also arrested on 5 October.