The possibility of a US military strike against Iran has been debated for almost a decade, since Iran’s nuclear program first gave rise to concerns about the possible development of a nuclear weapon and calls for exercising a “military option” to stop it. Some have also suggested an attack to change the government of Iran, citing its abusive human rights policies in addition to conflicts with US regional interests. What do Iranians, who would be most affected by an attack, think about its likely impact on their society and their political aspirations? How would an attack on Iran impact human rights, the movement for a more open society and on the future of civil society there? Debates in Western policy circles have not, in general, taken these views into account. This report is based on interviews with 35 leading and influential Iranian civil society activists, lawyers, intellectuals and artistic and cultural figures, all of whom live in Iran.


Raising Their Voices: Iranian Civil Society Reflections on the Military Option

1. Foreword
2. Executive Summary

3. Introduction
4. Methodology
5. Part I: Key Reflections on the Military Option
6. Conclusion
7. Part II: In Their Own Words